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Spiritual Ministries



The AVILAS is a group of women and men who have joined together under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila to pray for an increase in vocations. Associate members join in a monthly Mass, holy hour, recitation of the Rosary and vocation prayers.
Anna O'Connor, (440) 895-0964

Divine Mercy Cenacle

Divine Mercy Cenacle centers on learning to live joyfully and abundantly through the lens of love and forgiveness. Readings are drawn from short scripture passages, excerpts from the Diary of St. Faustina, and Catechism of the Catholic Church entries, as related to our theme for that gathering. We delve into the meaning of divine mercy and how to “live” mercy. Our mission is to spread the message of God’s love and forgiveness to all people, through how we live our lives. We use the formation manual, Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy by Dr. Brian Thatcher, affiliate of Marians, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  All persons are welcome at any meeting. There are two time offerings; one day and one evening. Please check the bulletin for further information or contact Dr. Andy Kereky in the parish office.

Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus calls us to spend time with Him and to pray in His presence. Jesus longs for a quiet time with each of us to speak to our hearts. The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for us to see and to draw close to Him. Prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament is an intimate time with the One who knows and loves you completely.
Melissa Pillari, (440) 871-1476

Legion of Mary

The St. Raphael Legion of Mary seeks to bring Jesus, through Mary, to our parishioners by performing spiritual works of mercy. In teams of two, Legion members perform an hour of service each week, for example, by sending cards to families of the newly baptized parishioners, praying the Rosary at wakes or attending funerals, or making home visits to pray the Rosary. We meet every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. after the 7:45 a.m. Mass to pray the Rosary, read from the Legion handbook and hear a reflection by our Spiritual Director. The Legion of Mary was founded by Servant of God Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland, on September 7, 1921 with a mission to serve the Church under the influence of the Holy Spirit and the powerful leadership of Mary. St. Raphael's Legion of Mary was founded on September 7, 2010 and named its praesidium (group) after Our Lady of Guadalupe. See the Legion's international web page, or for more information.
Marilyn Crisafi, (216) 401-7386

Marriage Ministry

St. Raphael's Marriage Ministry focuses on the preparation and continued enrichment of the Sacrament of Marriage through activities and experiences that help form authentic relationships and community among engaged and married Catholics. The emphasis is on helping couples deepen their sense of belonging and ownership of their Catholic identity, as well as providing a living example of the Sacrament of Marriage to the greater community. The Marriage Ministry welcomes married and engaged couples of all ages. Besides the annual Pre-Cana Day for engaged couples, the Marriage Ministry hosts social events throughout the year and an annual couples retreat

Weekend Marriage Retreat

This annual retreat experience away from the parish allows couples to deepen their prayer life and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, the Church, and each other. It includes prominent speakers, group discussions, private sharing time for the couple, Mass, prayer walks, as well as opportunities for fun activities.
Dr. Andrew Kereky. (440) 871-1100


Couples planning to be married in the Cleveland Diocese are required to attend PreCana as part of their preparation for their commitment to each other and the Sacrament of Matrimony. This conference gives the couple the opportunity to learn about the sacramental commitment from a priest and from members of the community, including couples who are living the sacrament who volunteer to lead sessions. St. Raphael hosts a day for those couples being married at St. Raphael and other surrounding parishes. Topics include: communication skills, parenting issues, the role of faith life in marriage, and plans for the actual ceremony.

Ministry of Consolation

The Ministry of Consolation is the response of a living faith to minister to those who suffer from the death of a loved one. This multi-faceted ministry develops from assessing the needs of the parish community. It is a bereavement ministry that attends to the specific needs of children and adults. It provides support, education and hope for the grieving.
Deacon Larry Gregg,(440) 892- 9828

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry offers daily prayer for specific requests from parishioners and throughout the community. The "prayer partners" insure that requests are circulated among their community of concerned individuals, either by phone or email.
Joanne Hout, (440) 835-0169
Karen Mackin, (440) 871-2168

Patriotic Rosary

The Patriotic Rosary resulted from a Thanksgiving Day (1988) vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Alabama, to Marija, the visionary from Medjugorje. The prayers of the Patriotic Rosary include quotes from our Founding Fathers, patriotic songs, and a remembrance of each of the 50 states. This special prayer for the consecration of our nation is recited to its Patroness, 2-3 times a year.
Pat Dokler, (216) 543-7745

Women’s Retreat

The Women's Retreat brings women of the parish and outside the parish together to encounter the living Lord Jesus in a deeper, more personal way. It is time set apart from the busy world to be quite and listen to the voice of God within each individually and as sisters united with God and one another under the guidance of outside guest speakers.
Nancy Czupik, (440) 892-8949

Conquest Conquest

Conquest is a National network of leadership programs, clubs, and camps for boys and young men 5 - 16 years of age. Conquest trains boys to become self-disciplined and confident young men, Catholic leaders who possess moral integrity and are committed to improving the communities in which they live. John Hull , (440) 892-7788

Faith Sharing

Faith Sharing Groups were formed by the women of St. Raphael Parish after the first Women's Retreat. In the Christian tradition, faith sharing is a time of prayer, reading and reflecting together on the Word of God. The mission is to continue nourishing the Eucharistic Faith we celebrate each Sunday by coming together at regular intervals to share our faith experiences through the Word of God. Karen Kozsey, (440) 835-1422

Guardian Angels

As an extension of our St. Raphael faith community, this ministry has been formed to give comfort and strength to those in need of prayer. The Guardian Angels will pray with you privately in church. Specially trained prayer teams will be available after certain Masses to offer their assistance, comfort and support. A special prayer attendant will guide you to the appropriate prayer team at the front of our church. Your prayer intentions will be held in full confidence by the Guardian Angels.
Sussy Hidalgo, (440) 835-4087

HAPP - Hearts Afire Parish Programs

HAPP, Hearts Afire Parish Programs, are an approved ecclesial movement within the Catholic Church and available to you at St. Raphael. This program based on retreats by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, are offered at various times throughout the year. The goal of each retreat is to lead every individual to a better relationship with Christ. The first retreat usually begins with Mary, as she leads you to her merciful son, Jesus. He, in turn, always leads you into the Trinity, and back to our Father in heaven. Since there are several retreats to choose from and to find a good starting point for you, please contact one of our HAPP team members, as directed through the parish office. All persons welcome.

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola is offered to adults, families, and fifth grade students of St. Raphael School. This nine-week (or thirty-week) retreat experience can deepen one's relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through disciplined prayer based in scripture. In addition, the retreatants are taught through the Examen to prayerfully reflect how God is present in their daily experiences. Becoming more sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit through discernment is another component of the retreat. Dr Andrew Kereky. (440) 871-1100

Liturgy of the Hours

This is the "prayer of the Church" and is also referred to as the "Hours," "Breviary," and "Office." Consisting primarily of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours is a way to "pray always" and to consecrate each day to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Liturgy of the Hours is a tapestry of psalms, canticles, readings, and antiphons. It's roots stretch back to Jesus and the apostles.
Dr. Andrew Kereky, (440) 871-1100

Marriage Retreat

The Marriage Retreat—the gift of love to each other. The Marriage Retreat is a 7 week retreat designed to strengthen and enhance marriages, no matter, how long you have been married. Each week the presenter offers marriage enhancing concepts and techniques followed by each couple, husband and wife privately working and sharing together.  No one is ever asked to share or speak publically. The Marriage Retreat is normally held in January and last for 7 weeks, one night per week. 
Deacon Larry Gregg,(440) 892- 9828

Men’s Retreat

This is an excellent opportunity for quiet prayer and reflection. The Men’s Retreat weekend away from the busy’ness of our everyday lives is an opportunity to rest in the presence of the Lord, and be aware of what the Lord has to say to each of us. Retreatants find that the Lord brings peace and direction to their lives. The Men's Retreat provides an opportunity to be together and share with other men, our Pastor, Father Tim, and the Presenters, in order to focus primarily on our spiritual lives, and to realize the depths of the riches of God’s grace and the special helps available, where busy men can find rest for the soul and the strength to carry on the daily tasks of family, work and other cares, concerns and joys. This Retreat is also a wonderful way to prepare for the Lenten season.
Deacon Larry Gregg,(440) 892- 9828

Parish Feast Day

The Feast of St. Raphael the Archangel is celebrated on September 29th. It is an opportunity for members of the various ministries and organizations to pray together for the intercession of the parish patron.

Parish Mission

Every year, during Lent, the pastoral staff presents a Parish Mission. This is an opportunity for spiritual nourishment, inspiration and prayer. The mission is a concentrated period usually led by an outside speaker.
Mark Cunningham, (440) 871-1100

Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Committee promotes the nourishing and caring of one's spirit. They help the staff to develop, plan and implement various programs, workshops, and days of reflection to enhance growth and development in adult spirituality.
Fred Bangeman, (440) 933-6686



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