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Evangelization Ministries



Alpha is a ten-week program that is both evangelization to those without a church and a discipleship building program for Catholics who may want to become more involved in their parish community. Alpha is an opportunity to learn more about and share your faith with others on their spiritual journey. To learn more about our Alpha program contact:
Deacon Mark Cunningham, 440 871-1100

Catholics Coming Home

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church in the world. For every three Catholics who are practicing their faith, there is one who can be classified as an "inactive Catholic." In the United States there are 20 million inactive Catholics. For one reason or another they have decided not to practice their faith. Many people are willing to return to the Church, they only need to be asked. In response to this, St. Raphael Parish presents Catholics Coming Home. This program enables people to reintroduce themselves to their Church in an embracing and compassionate program. The program is conducted in a group format with topics that cover the basics of Catholicism over a six-week series.
Deacon Larry Gregg, 440 892-9828


Familia is a study of Pope John Paul II’s teachings on Marriage and Family that provides a forum to share ideas with others.  It encourages the application of the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage and family to our daily lives so that our faith and daily life are integrated, not separate from one another.  Familia has been an active ministry at St. Raphael’s now for over 7 years, with over 100 participants who have joined in and embraced the study.  Familia teams are made up of 10-15 moms who meet every 2 weeks from September through May at a time that is mutually convenient.  We offer morning and evening groups to accommodate all schedules.  Childcare is provided for the morning groups.
To learn more about Familia or to register for a team , please contact:
Mary Jane Hull,  216 970 6060

Catholic Men’s Fellowship

The St. Raphael Men’s Fellowship Ministry helps men to deepen and support their Catholic faith and identity, grow spirituality and strengthen their families. We promote expanded religious education for men, growth of personal faith, active participation in the parish community, and encouragement for men who have lost their yearning for the Catholic faith. To learn more about Men’s Fellowship contact:
Carl Feldkircher, 440 892 7812

Ministry of Praise

The Ministry of Praise offers an opportunity to homebound parishioners to participate in the life of the parish. The men and women who choose this ministry make a commitment to offer their daily sufferings and prayer in support of the spiritual formation and development of the people in this faith community.
Dr. Andy Kereky, 440 871 1100

Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministers are a dedicated group of parishioners who minister to the elderly of the parish by bringing the Eucharist to the sick and homebound. Sending greeting cards, providing Communion at West Bay and Huntington Woods Nursing Homes, praying the rosary with the residents of the Knickerbocker, Senior Citizens Fun Day and an annual prayer day are some of the many things we do to benefit the elderly in our community.
Andy Kereky, 440 871 1100


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the formation process through which adults are fully initiated into the Catholic faith community. The RCIA process was developed for those who desire the faith and are not baptized. It is also conducive for those who have been baptized in another faith. Catholics who have not been fully initiated through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist participate to learn more about the faith and sacramental preparation.
Fr. Eric Garris, (440) 871-1100
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